Sunday, March 1, 2009


If a tattoo won't heal, there could be several factors involved. For instance, the customer has an allergic reaction to the ink. This could be seen by noticing if the tattoo is discharging any fluid after three or four days of the tattoo being done. Also, if redness persists to remain around the edge of the tattoo as well as soreness to the touch after three or four days, the customer should be informed to see a doctor where as he/she can prescribe a stronger antibiotic. If this occurs, that person should not get another tattoo. Another reason could be that the customer has had staff infection at some time or another, which always stays in their system. The worst possible reason why a tattoo won't heal would be the tattooist did not properly and efficiently clean and sterilize the tubes and needles, thus causing an infection. If it is found that the tattooist is the cause of the infection it will be the start of his/her downfall.

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